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Random acts of Polish

219 days till Otakon

So I named my World of Warcraft character (Katowice, lv. 23 mage) after a large city in Poland. I didn't think people would notice, but now, near the end of my 10-day trial period, I've already had two people call me on it.

The first, near the beginning of the week, was a bona fide Polish person from Poland, who initially tried talking to me in Polish ("Byłam w Katowice") but switched to stilted English after I responded that I didn't actually know Polish, partly by using the grotesque Spanish-French chimera "no habla polonais", which I'm sure must have confused the living heck out of them at first. Also they mentioned something along the lines of "ha ha it is very industrial town".

The second, just now, was a presumably American player:

[person] whispers: your name is the name of a town in Poland my family is from
me: haha yeah i went through a list of polish cities to name my toon
[person] whispers: just coincidence, but thanks for using the name

Kind of interesting, the sorts of things that can brighten the days of random people.
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